Monday, September 29, 2008

Russia Flora & Fauna FDC

Russia FDC
Forest and Its Inhabitants
Date of Issue: 12 September 2008

The Squirrel and Woodpecker on Birch
7.00: Deer
7.00: Mushrooms

The mankind from an extreme antiquity is obliged by its existence to the green kingdom of plants which absorb and transform the sunlight to the organic substance. The share of plants amounts 95 % of the gross weight of biomass of the planet, and 66 % of them are developed by woods. Exactly woods, the green treasure of the Earth, define biological efficiency of the planet. They directly render beneficial effect on a climate, atmosphere, hydrological mode of the rivers and other water objects, protect soil from the wind and water erosion, are regulators of atmospheric and soil moisture exchange. Therefore woods are not only the unique part of the nature, but also carry out rather various ecological and social and economic functions.

Comment: OK. It has a Russian sentence on this set, who can translate it for me?

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