Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Indonesia C. Java FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: Provincial Emblems (1st Series) - Center Java Province
Date of Issue: 17 August 2008

Located at the center of Java Island, Center Java Province was officially established in 1950. Some artifacts show that this region had been inhabited for a long time ago and grown as one of important cultural centers in Indonesia. Along with Yogyakarta, Central Java is regarded as cradle of Javanese culture. Semarang is capital and servers as main sea gateway to this province.

Central Java region stretches from west to east with total area of 34,206 sq km. Mountainous region is sited at central range with the tallest peaks including Slamet (4,328 m), Sumbing (3,371 m) and the most active Merapi Mountain (2,911 m). Lowland spreads along the coastline at the north and the banks of Bengawan Solo River at the south.

Generally, regional economy is mostly relies on agricultural sector, i.e. rice, tobacco, sugar cane and cotton. A huge oil deposit is recently explored in Cepu Block. Industrial sector is vastly growing in Semarang, Kudus, Sukoharjo and Pekalongan. Whereas in tourism sector, Central Java promotes Borobudur Temple in Magelang as well as Karaton Kasunanan Surakarta and Pura Mangkunegaran in Solo as a prime destination.

Indonesia Provincial Emblems FDCs (1st Series)
Bali, Gorontalo, West Java, Central Java, West Kalimantan, Maluku, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Papua, Riau, West Sulawesi, West Sumatra.

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