Saturday, September 6, 2008

India Coast Guard FDC

India FDC
Name: Indian Coast Guard
Date of Issue: 12 August 2008

Dornier Fixed Wing Aircraft
500: Advanced Light Helicopter
500: Hovercraft
500: Advance Offshore Patrol Vessel

The United Nations Third Conference on the Laws of the Seas in 1973 stressed the need for protection of life and property at sea, enforcement of national jurisdiction in the maritime zones and creating awareness towards dangers to ocean resources from sea pollution. This required an organization which would be competent to not only enforce laws in the maritime waters of the nation but also to work as an agency for educating stakeholders on protecting the maritime resources from pollution and degradation. With this objective in mind, the Government of India constituted the Indian Coast Guard Organization on 1st February, 1877 as an Armed Force of the Union under the Ministry of Defence. It is primarily a law enforcement agency of the Government of India.

The Coast Guard's broad charter of duties includes providing protection to fishermen including assistance to them at sea while in distress, preservation and protection of marine environment, safety and protection of offshore installations and artificial islands, prevention and control of marine pollution, carrying out anti smuggling and anti piracy operations and ensuring safety of life and property at sea. The Indian Coast Guard carries out its duties of surveillance through a combination of on shore installations, sea faring vessels and aircraft.

The Coast Guard is ready round the clock, round the year to meet any eventuality at sea, with a CG ship on patrol at sea in most parts of India's waters with ready response capability.

Comment: India Post issued a Minisheet at the same time. but it's too big and my friend didn't make it for me, what a pity!

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