Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Indonesia W. Sumatra FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: Provincial Emblems (1st Series) - West Sumatra Province
Date of Issue: 17 August 2008

West Sumatra Province was officially established in 1958. The West Sumatra coastline faces Indian Ocean in the west and stretches 375 km from North Sumatra to Bengkulu. The province is known as handicraft center fro silver, hand-weaving embroidery and woodcarving. Padang is capital and renowned as West Sumatra’s tourism and cultural center.

The total area of this province is 49,778 sq km. The hinterland is a range of high mountains. The temperature has range between 22 C and 32 C. The boundaries of this province is Riau Province in north, Indian Ocean in the south, North Sumatra Province in west and Jambi and Bengkulu Province in east side.

West Sumatra maritime zone has an enormous potential in producing fishes. The province also has plenty of natural resources, i.e. limestone and coal. The hilly & mountains area of this province produce clove, rubber and pepper. A huge water resource of this region has a great potential to be developed in mineral water industry.

The FDC's illustration depicts the Jam Gadang (literally "Massive Clock") in Bukittinggi.

Indonesia Provincial Emblems FDCs (1st Series)
Bali, Gorontalo, West Java, Central Java, West Kalimantan, Maluku, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Papua, Riau, West Sulawesi, West Sumatra.

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