Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lithuania Virgin Mary FDC

Lithuania FDC
Name: 400th Anniversary of The Apparition of The Blessed Virgin Mary in Šiluva
Date of Issue: 30 August 2008

1,55 Lt:
Blessed Virgin Mary with the Divine Child

The apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary occurred in 1608 or 1612. Children of the nearby village were shepherding their herd on the land where the church had formerly stood, when they saw a young woman standing on a large rock, holding a baby in her arms and weeping bitterly. One herds boy ran to Šiluva and told the Calvinist catechist about the apparition. The catechist called a teacher, named Solomon, to go with him and together they both approached the aforementioned rock. They also saw the young woman weeping, just as the children saw her. The man asked, "Why are you weeping?" She replied: "There was a time when my beloved Son was worshipped by my people here, but now they plough and sow on this very spot." The catechist and the teacher considered the vision to be the work of an evil spirit, but news of the apparition rapidly spread throughout the area. According to one story, an elderly blind man managed to find the place where the ironclad box containing the old church treasures had been hidden. When the box was dug up, he immediately regained his eyesight. More...

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