Monday, September 22, 2008

Russia Goznak FDC

Russia FDC
The 190th Anniversary of Goznak
Date of Issue: 01 September 2008

Goznak (Russian: Федеральное государственное унитарное предприятие Гознак, short for Государственный знак, or State Currency) is a Unitary enterprise in Russia, responsible for the production of coins and bank notes. Goznak was established on July 6th 1919, under the conditions of civil war, as an agency that administered the whole process cycle of bank note manufacturing.[1] It incorporated several factories involved in different stages of the production cycle. Although the initial scope of Goznak had been the production of bank notes, the production of coins was added to its field of operations in 1941. Production of orders of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation was also administered by Goznak.

Goznak used to combine paper and printing facilities, which manufactured money, government bonds, checks, letters of credit, savings-bank books (сберегательная книжка), lottery tickets, postage stamps, blanks of passports, birth certificates, marriage licenses, as well as publications of high artistic value, special and high-grade paper. Goznak also controls mints, which manufacture small change, orders, decorations, and commemorative medals. It also manufacturers credit cards, banking cards, phone cards, and SIM chips. Goznak not only prints Russian money, but also prints banknotes of foreign countries, including Indonesia and Egypt.

In 1815, after the currency crisis caused by the French invasion of Russia (1812), the government established the so-called Department of State Currency Production (Экспедиция заготовления государственных бумаг) under the authority of the Ministry of Finance; Dmitry Guriev, Minister of Finance, assigned engineer Agustín de Betancourt to design and build the modern, steam-powered currency printshop which was completed in 1818. More...

Comment: Embossed printing and gold foil, these are special printing process of this set. This sheet looks like a banknote, and the round stamp looks like a coin, perfect design.

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