Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Estonia Windmill FDC

Estonia FDC
Name: Põlma Windmill - Estonian Mills
Date of Issue: 28 August 2008

The stamp dedicated to the Põlma Windmill is the second from the Estonian historical mills series (the first, featuring the Hellenurme watermill, was issued in 2007). The Põlma Windmill in Rapla County was built in 1905 and because it initially belonged to the Järvakandi manor it is also known as the Järvakandi Windmill. It is a six-story Dutch windmill with an annex housing the miller's living quarters and a smithy. The last information about the milling of pearl barley there goes back to 1968. Later the mill fell into disrepair and stood empty for years. In 1991 the mill was restored and turned into a restaurant. At present the Põlma Windmill is a listed architectural monument. Although it stands empty it is possible to visit it by earlier appointment.

Comment: Sometimes, Eesti Post uses 2 different special cancellations if the theme of the stamp is not in Tallinn, but this time, they didn't, only used a special cancellation in Tallinn.

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