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Singapore Today FDC

Singapore FDC
Name: Singapore Today
Date of Issue: 09 August 2008

Mr David Tay 1982
In 1982, Mr Tay became the first photographer to be awarded the Cultural Medallion, for his artistic achievements and contributions.

Equally adept in both black-and-white as well as colour photography, Mr Tay is an avid pictorial photographer. He is known for taking his pictures from unusual angles, experimenting with lighting effects and focusing attention on the form and line of objects. The results are exquisitely composed works that not only speak of his technical skills but also his sensitivity as an artist, which are clearly shown in the photos depicted on the stamps.

Mr Tan Lip Seng 1985
As one of the most prolific photographers in Singapore, Mr Tan also helped as a Technical Support Officer with the Department of Medicine and Paediatrics at the National University of Singapore. The works Mr Tan produced as a medical photographer for research and autopsy purposes are far removed from his creative works, which include landscapes, portraiture and wildlife. The sense of tranquility permeates his landscape photographs but amidst this, there is a celebration of life. The combination of his acute sense of composition, lighting, colour contrast and precision of skill always creates an ambience that holds the viewer in awe.

He was awarded the Cultural Medallion in 1985.

Mr Chua Soo Bin 1988
The man behind the glamorizing of the Singapore Girl in the Singapore Airlines calendar for which he won the Pacific Asia Travel Association Best Calendar Gold Award in 1985, he is also the Director of Soo Bin Art Gallery set up in 1990. He was conferred the Cultural Medallion in 1988.

His works show his keen sense for composition and his belief in creating a right setting and atmosphere, which he believes that the atmosphere can either make or break a photograph. He has a sharp eye for details that normally escape one's notice and he utilises clashing patterns for effects to enhance a photograph, which is clearly illustrated in the works selected on the stamps.

Mr Foo Tee Jun 1989
Mr Foo is another of our leading photographers who is internationally recognised. Aside from the coveted Cultural Medallion, which he was awarded in 1989, he was won several other awards and the list of awards and honours conferred upon him is endless.

The most outstanding aspect of his work is the richness in colour and the precision in printing. His strength lies in his darkroom skills and his knowledge of photographic chemical processes. Having a keen eye for composition, he also believes in the beautification of photographs through manipulating the printing process in the darkroom.

Mr Teo Bee Yan 2004
Mr Teo is widely acknowledged as one of the top photographers in the world. His list of international accolades, awarded by salons all over the world, is impressive.

Between 1999 and 2002, he was ranked among the top three positions and he eventually achieved the PSA five-star award in 2002,and was awarded the coveted Cultural Medallion in 2004.

He was the Honorary President of the PhotoArt Association of Singapore in 1998, and is currently the association's Vice-President, a position he has held since 1998. He has also played the role of patron to other art forms, including funding and editing some of master calligraphist Pan Shou's books.

Comment: It's a very colourful set, but I think my friend used many slobbers to glue these stamps. lol!

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