Friday, September 19, 2008

Russia Animals FDC

Russia FDC
Definitive Stamps (5th Issue)
Date of Issue: 29 August 2008

The Hare (Yellow)
0.15: The Hare (Goldy-Orange)
0.25: The Hare (Green-Black)
0.30: The Fox (Light Green)
0.50: The Fox (Dark Green)
1.00: The Fox (Blue-Green)
1.50: The Lynx (Light Blue)
2.00: The Lynx (Blue)
2.50: The Lynx (Blue-Violet)
3.00: The Elk (Pink)
4.00: The Elk (Pink-Violet)
5.00: The Elk (Dark Violet)
6.00: The Bear (Ochre-Red)
10 P: The Bear (Dark Red)
25 P: The Bear (Brown-Red)

Comment: The fifth issue were issued with new improved degree of protection from fakes, more unique among them are visual methods of stamps authenticity determination, such as: iridescent paint with color –changeable effect, microtext and figuring perforation.


Dave Bennett said...

A very attractive set of definitives . . .

. . . but the stamps all portray mammals and the FDC has a spider web cachet!?

Was this the wrong envelope for this issue?

Fan Ming said...

aha, this is the envelope for next issue. but they also used it for this definitive issue, strange, right? I think so.

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