Friday, September 26, 2008

Canada McLaughlin FDC

Canada FDC
Name: Sam McLaughlin
Date of Issue: 08 September 2008

Sam McLaughlin was born in Enniskillen, Ontario, on September 8, 1871. At 16, he began his career as an apprentice upholsterer in his family's small carriage factory, earning a weekly wage of just $3, all but 50c of which went to his father for room and board. He eventually became an official partner in the McLaughlin Carriage Works and when automobiles first hit North American roads, he successfully modernized the company. The McLaughlin Motor Car Company was sold to General Motors at the end of 118, and under Sam's leadership, General Motors of Canada grew to be a key force in one of the world's leading industries.

Sam also established the R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation, which donated $200 million to organizations, charities and individuals. He left an indelible mark on Canadian society and business, and established himself as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the country's history, never straying from the original McLaughlin motto - "One Grade Only and that the Best."

In addition to a portrait of Sam McLaughlin, the stamp depicts McLaughlin employee Joseph Mills driving a McLaughlin-Buick (circa 1912). More...

Comment: Have you seen the round Canadian local postmark on modern envelopes?? this is the first time for me.

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