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Turkey World Environment Day FDC

Turkey FDC
Name: World Environment Day
Date of Issue: 05 June 2008

The consequence of increased CO2 gasses in the atmosphere which cause the "Green House" effect which in turn is blamed for "Climatic Changes" is known as "Global Warming". The basic reasons of Global Warming are particularly attributed, mainly to excessive increase of CO2 emissions and green house gasses into the atmosphere, produced by the industrial countries. With the increase and density of these gasses, which absorb and hold the sunlight for an indefinite period of time in the atmosphere, consequently cause a gradual increase of temperature over the surface of the earth.

World wide climatic change which so far caused floods, hurricanes and extensive forest and bush fires, not forgetting the destruction of vegetation as well of live-stocks, not being quite used to this sort of climatic changes. With the decline of green pastures and the destruction of trees large swaths of the world are now reduced to desolate deserts. If the necessary drastic measures are not immediately taken, the consequences of universal climate change are thought to result in the demise of millions of lives due to viral epidemic diseases.

Global Warming and universal Climate Change are now considered and accepted phenomena which will culminate in the most devastating and dangerous environmental disasters. To reduce the effect of Global Warming upon the world, benign energy resources must be encouraged to be sought, economic and diligent use of energy must be considered; protection, preservation, cultivation and increase of green land must be encouraged and most importantly the use of fossilised energy products must be restricted.

At present our country still has not signed up yet to the KYOTO AGREEMENT, which effectively is a serious a serious attempt and humanitarian duty by the signatories thereof to ward off the impending disasters by reducing the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. To ward off the impending dangers of Global warming is indeed a serious matter and therefore it is incumbent upon the world and the hole humanity as a duty to tackle it.

Various civil organisations as the foundation TEMA (Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion) are institutions that are engaged in disseminating useful information against the disastrous onslaught of Global Warming.

Comment: After the Joint Issue with Thailand in May. Turkey and Thailand issued the same topic again on same day. But it is not a joint issue this time.

2008 Indonesia World Environment Day FDC
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2008 Thailand World Environment Day FDC
2008 Turkey World Environment Day FDC

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