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Indonesia Environmental Care FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: Environmental Care 2008
Date of Issue: 05 June 2008

1/2 Rp1500:
Bicycle for Earth
2/2 Rp1500: Plants for Earth

World Environment Day is celebrated every June 5 world wide. The World Environment Day 2008 celebration is centered in New Zealand adopting theme of "CO2 Kick the Habit, Towards a Low Carbon Economy". Located at southern hemisphere, this country is elected as a host for being the first country pledging a carbon-neutral future. The message sounded by this campaign is finding solutions as well as changing the habit in de-carbonizing the economy and lifestyle.

A Low Carbon Economy is a popular term referring to an economy with a minimal output of Greenhouse gas emissions into biosphere. Most scientific and public opinion has come to conclusion of unreasonable accumulation of Greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, especially CO2. The over-concentrations of these gases will fundamentally change the global climate in the near future. Therefore, a Low Carbon Economy has to be globally started to avoid that catastrophic climate change. The implementation requires integrating all aspects of manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, power generation as well as technologies that use efficient energy and produce minimal output of Greenhouse gas emission.

In Indonesia, this year's theme is translated into national slogan "Change Behavior and Stop Environmental Pollution". Started with Bicycle for Earth campaign, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono appealed the people to use bicycle instead of car to go to work and asked local and provincial authorities to provide space for that cycling activity. Nevertheless, Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia organizes Indonesia Environmental Week 2008 in Jakarta June 5-8, 2008. This exhibition program is one of crucial moments to disseminate awareness that environmental problem is not solely responsibility of individual, but a collective. In order to raise criticism on environmental sustainability through people capability and courage to control environmentally damaging activities, a positive atmosphere within society to drive greater participation of people must be developed. People should be empowered to access and check environmental policy formulated and executed favorably to those suffering from its impact.

Comment: Greenhouse effect is a very serious problem in many developing countries. I'm glad Thailand, Turkey and also Indonesia (I think there are more countries had issued this theme stamps) paid much attention on this problem, at least their Postal Administration did it. :)

2008 Indonesia World Environment Day FDC
2008 Indonesia World Environment Day Minisheet FDC
2008 Thailand World Environment Day FDC
2008 Turkey World Environment Day FDC

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