Friday, June 27, 2008

Lithuania EXPO FDC

Lithuania FDC
Name: World Exhibition "EXPO Zaragoza 2008"
Date of Issue: 07 June 2008

The main topic of the world exhibition EXPO Zaragoza 2008 (Spain, 14 June – 14 September 2008) is "Water and Sustainable Development". 104 countries participate in the exhibition, it is expected that the number of visitors will be about 8 million.

The Lithuanian pavilion has an impressive exposition "Home of Rain", it displays lots of informational material; books, amber articles and souvenirs are sold here. The Lithuanian National Day will be on the eve of St John's Day (23 June).

It is for the first time that an original drop-shaped postage stamp is dedicated to the participation of Lithuania in a world exhibition.

Lithuania has officially participated in world exhibitions in Paris (1937), New York (1939), Seville (1992), Taejon (1993), Lisbon (1998), Hanover (2000) and Aichi (2005).
Comment: This is a drop-shaped self-adhesive stamp, I don't know whether this is the first self-adhesive stamp in Lithuania and the first drop-shaped stamp in the world. Anybody knows it?

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Karthikeyan said...

It is the first drop shaped stamp in the world.

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