Monday, June 9, 2008

Italy Molise FDC

Italy FDC
Name: Regions of Italy - Molise
Date of Issue: 23 May 2008

Molise is a region of Southern Italy, the second smallest of the regions. It was formerly (until 1963) part of the region of Abruzzi e Molise (with Abruzzo) and now a separate entity. The region covers 4,438 km² and has a population of about 300,000.

Isernia (Latin: Aesernia or, in Pliny and later writers, Eserninus, or in the Antonine Itinerary, Serni; Greek: Αἰσερνία) is a town and comune in the central Italian region of Molise, and the capital of Isernia province. Isernia is a flourishing center of pasta makers, stone masons, and embroidery crafts.

This stamp depicts the Fraterna Fountain (Italian: Fontana della Fraterna), it is the main symbol in Isernia town and it was built in the 13th century : it is made up of living- stone's slabs coming from ruined Roman monuments, while all the rest is a work of local masters, as it was built by the Rampini family in Isernia.

Comment: I don't know whether my comment is correct, but I still want to comment it. The main design of this stamp is the Fraterna Fountain which is located in Isernia town, but the special cancellation for this stamp only used in Campobasso, far from Isernia town. I think It would be better if the special cancellation had used in Isernia.

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