Monday, June 30, 2008

Thailand Orchids FDCs

Thailand FDCs
Name: Amazing Thailand (1st Series) - Orchid
Date of Issue: 13 June 2008
Number: 847
Brassocattleya Ploenpit Star
3BAHT: Aerides falcata
3BAHT: Arachnis Hookeriana X Vanda Doctor Anek
3BAHT: Phalaenopsis Little Mary
3BAHT: Dendrobium sutiknoi
3BAHT: Paphiopedilum callosum
3BAHT: Grammatophyllum speciosum
3BAHT: Vascostylis Prapawan
3BAHT: Vanda Robert's Delight

Comment: Orchid is a very beautiful and special flower, but it's hard for me to differentiate these orchids. Only orchid expert could do it. :)

2008 Amazing Thailand FDCs (Orchids)
2008 Amazing Thailand Minisheet FDC (Orchids)
2008 Amazing Thailand FDCs (Saneh Bangkok)
2008 Amazing Thailand Sheetlet FDC (Saneh Bangkok)

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