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Hong Kong Paper Folding FDCs

Hong Kong FDCs
Name: Children Stamps - Paper Folding Fun
Date of Issue: 22 May 2008

Hongkong Post issued its first set of Children Stamps in 2001 on the theme of "The Ingenuous Artists". In order to further promote children's interest in stamp collecting, Hongkong Post has held Children Stamps Design Competition on various themes with the winning entries being produced into Children Stamps. The new set of Children Stamps issued this time features the winning entries of the "Children Stamps – Paper Folding Fun Design Competition" organised by Hongkong Post in 2006 which aimed to encourage creativity through paper folding. A wonderful world unfolds in the prize-winning works exhibited in the stamp issue "Paper Folding Fun", which presents a number of icons relating to flora, fauna, festivals and the four seasons. Isn't it amazing how a simple piece of coloured paper can be turned into a piece of art with a touch of imagination and a pair of skillful hands?

Champion of Primary School Division: "Bauhinia – City Flower of Hong Kong"
Bauhinias blossom is all over Hong Kong from autumn through spring. These vibrantly coloured flowers, with delicate stamens and pistils, provide a feast for the eyes of admirers.

$1.80: Champion of Secondary School Division: "Bear"
Its mouth wide open, the big brown bear sure can eat a lot! The autumn breeze reminds this greedy eater to keep its tummy full before a cosy sleep through the coming winter.

$2.40: Champion of Family Division: "Lunar New Year Specialties and Decorations"
With spring in the air, a pot of lucky bamboo at home symbolises the wish for a prosperous new year ahead. Smiles will definitely appear on the faces of guests presented with the festive candy tray filled with silver and gold wrapped ingot-shaped goodies.

$2.50: 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of Primary School Division: "Fragrant Lotus" and "Flower Rainbow"
As enchanting as an after-shower rainbow, clusters of colourful little flowers bloom in full. A pair of purple lotus flowers rise above their green pads. You can almost smell the aroma of summer.

$3: 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of Secondary School Division: "Adorable Koalas" and "Monkey and Banana"
Cuddling on mummy's back, the baby koala watches a monkey eating a banana under the tree. Perhaps it is going to ask, "Mummy, are bananas especially yummy in autumn?"

$5: 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of Family Division: "Christmas" and "Cute Santa"
In a warm haven on a cold winter night, the family is enjoying a Christmas party. Santa Claus is waiting eagerly to hand out presents to them.

Comment: These are registered FDCs. As you see, there are no special cancellations.

2008 Hong Kong Paper Folding Fun FDC (Special Cancellation)
2008 Hong Kong Paper Folding Fun FDCs (Complete set & Minisheet)

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