Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Latvia Lighthouse FDC

Latvia FDC
Name: Akmeņraga Lighthouse
Date of Issue: 10 May 2008

Akmeņraga or Akmeņrags (Stone Cape) lighthouse is a 35 m tall lighthouse. It is located on a cape about 35km north of Liepāja. The first lighthouse on this location was built in 1884, then destroyed during WWI and rebuilt in 1921.

Comment: It is very difficult to find detailed information of this lighthouse. What a pity! Latvia Post doesn't supply the official information on its website. So I must search the detailed information by myself each time. To compare with its Baltic brothers, it should be improved.

2008 Latvia Akmeņraga Lighthouse FDC
2008 Estonia Mehikoorma Lighthouse FDC
2007 Germany Lighthouses FDC
2007 Indonesia Lighthouses FDC

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