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Estonia Strandman FDC

Estonia FDC
Name: Republic of Estonia heads of state 1918-2018 - Otto Strandman
Date of Issue: 09 May 2008

Otto August Strandman (30 November 1875 – 5 February 1941) was a Prime Minister of Estonia and Head of State. He was born in Vanda, Undla rural municipality, Virumaa and died in Kadrina, Estonia.

He was Estonian Prime Minister from 8 May 1919 to 18 November 1919 and Elder of State from 9 July 1929 to 12 February 1931, one of the eleven men to serve as Estonian head of state during its period of independence (1918 to 1940).

In 1917–1918, he was Chairman of the Estonian Province Assembly (Eesti Maanõukogu); in 1918, Minister of Justice, and in 1918–1919, Minister of Agriculture of the Provisional Government. In 1918, he was arrested by the German occupation powers. In 1919, he was Prime Minister and also Minister of War, 1920–1921 Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1921 Chairman of I Riigikogu, 1924 Minister of Foreign Affairs, later Minister of Finances, 1927–1929 Estonian Envoy to Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania, 1933 Envoy to France, Belgium and the Vatican. 1917-1919 Member of the Estonian Province Assembly, 1919–1920 Member of the Constituent Assembly (Estonian: Asutav Kogu), 1920–1937, member of the I-V Riigikogu.

In 1941, he shot himself to death when the NKVD (People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, here the Soviet State Secret Police) officers came to arrest him.

"Republic of Estonia heads of state 1918-2018" Series FDCs:
Otto Strandman
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Lennart Meri

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Anonymous said...

Really, he isn't very interesting, by view.
But boring is that he never has seen again a free Estonia, during his life......

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