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Malaysia Butterflies FDC

Malaysia FDC
Name: Butterflies of Malaysia
Date of Issue: 24 April 2008

Malaysia has about 1,000 butterfly species and about half of these are restricted to habitats from sea level to 750 metres above sea level. Although some species can be easily seen in parks, gardens and other secondary vegetation, most Malaysian butterflies are forest dwellers. Some butterflies are habitat-specific and exist only in a specific ecosystem type.

Butterflies are generally day-flying insects of the order Lepidoptera, with often colourful wings. Butterflies feed primarily on nectar from flowers and play an important role as one of the major agent of pollination. However, caterpillars are known to destroy crops and they are considered pests in these circumstances. Butterfly viewing is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. Some species are threatened by collection and habitat loss and require protection by law.

Smaller wood nymph (Ideopsis gaura perakana)
This butterfly is more commonly found in forested hills and less seen on the plains. It has an attractive wing pattern of dark markings over a light wing base. Males are darker in colour than females and have narrower wings.

30sen: Malayan lacewing (Cethosia hypsea hypsina)
Males of this species have a pinkish bloom on the orange area of the upperside of the wing and females are yellower in colour. Eggs are laid, many at a time and the emerging young larvae are wine-red coloured.

50sen: Malay red harlequin (Paralaxita damajanti damajanti)
This species lives at moderate elevations on the hills and are usually in dense forests. The females are paler than males. The underside is beautifully marked with black streaks crossed with metallic blue.

RM1: Glorious begum (Agatasa calydonia calydonia)
This butterfly is rare in Peninsular Malaysia. It frequents more open forests and is often encountered at low to moderate elevations and are attracted to rotten fruit. The females are larger, paler and have broader wings than males.

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