Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taiwan Bridges (II) FDC

Taiwan FDC
Name: Bridges of Taiwan (2nd Series)
Date of Issue: 12 May 2008
Number: Sp.519

Wurih Bridge, Taichung
Spanning the Han River, this beautiful cable-stayed bridge is the gateway to Taiwan High Speed Rail's Wurih Station for Taichung City, Taichung County and the Nantou area. Opened to traffic in January of 2004, it has a total length of 179 meters and a width of over 20 meters. This stylish steel bridge has become a new landmark in Wurih Township.

NT$5.00: Jilu Bridge, Nantou
Spanning the Jhuoshuei River, the Jilu Bridge connects Jiji and Lugu Townships. It was opened to traffic in 2004 and has a total length of 967 meters and a width of 24 meters. It was the first side-spar cable-stayed bridge entirely built of concrete in Taiwan. The under-the-bridge illumination creates spectacular nighttime scenery. The bridge supports both transportation and tourism.

NT$12.00: Shueiyun Bridge, Shueili
Spanning the Shueili River, the bridge has a total length of 96 meters and a width of 3 meters. Completed in 2005, it was the first bridge in Nantou County to fully adopt solar lighting for nighttime illumination. Its colorful flashing lights are a traffic stopper.

NT$15.00: Sindong Bridge, Miaoli
Spanning the Houlong River, this bridge in Gongguan Township is the gateway to Miaoli City. Opened to traffic in 1997, this symmetrical twin-tower cable-stayed bridge has a total length of over 320 meters and a width of 21 meters.

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