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Lithuania EUROPA FDC

Lithuania FDC
Name: EUROPA 2008 - Letter
Date of Issue: 03 May 2008

2,45 Lt:
The Great Duchy of Lithuania letters of Gediminas for Europe cities.1323.
2,45 Lt: The letters to Vilnius – To European culture metropolis.

Letters will be the main theme of stamp series Europa of 2008. Therefore, in the first stamp the author wants to remind us of a milestone of the written word in Lithuania – the letters of our Grand Duke Gediminas who wrote them in 1323 – 1324. These letters were addressed to Pope John XXII and Catholic Western Europe. By sending these letters, Grand Duke Gediminas invited various craftsmen, artisans and experts to come to the country. In these letters Vilnius was mentioned for the first time ever as the capital of the country.

The second stamp depicts the significant role of letters in our modern world. Nowadays both letters and e-mails spread the news to the world about Lithuania and its capital Vilnius which is preparing to become European capital of culture in 2009. The program under the title European Capitals of Culture has been implemented since 1985 providing cities with the possibility to introduce their culture to the citizens of other countries. Vilnius has already received numerous letters asking about the future events organized in the city, about traditions and history of Lithuania, already preparing to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of its statehood in 2009. In their letters people also inquire about the current situation of the country and its people.

Comment: This design is ingenious, not only has catered to the EUROPA topic, but also narrated a section of Lithuanian history.

2009 Astronomy:

Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia.

2008 Letter:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Vatican.

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