Friday, March 21, 2008


Vatican FDC
Name: EUROPA 2008 - Letter
Date of Issue: 06 March 2008

EUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations / enterprises under the aegis of PostEurop which have Europe as their central theme. EUROPA stamps should underline cooperation in the domain of posts, particularly as regards the promotion of philately. They also contribute to making the public aware of the common roots, culture and history of Europe and its common goals. As such, EUROPA stamp issues are among the most collected and most popular stamps in the world.

Since they were first issued in 1956, EUROPA stamps have been a tangible symbol of Europe's desire for closer integration and cooperation. In 1993, PostEurop became responsible for issuing EUROPA stamps holding the rights to the EUROPA logo.

The Association also selects the annual EUROPA theme for its yearly EUROPA stamps competition. This event was first launched in 2002 and it usually takes place during the Plenary Assembly.

Comment: Pope is writing a letter, it's normal. But the left stamp is very special. It's a real posted FDC on the stamp, two small stamps' designs have composed the denomination of this big stamp.

2009 Astronomy:

Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia.

2008 Letter:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Vatican.

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