Monday, March 31, 2008

Turkey Medical Centre FDC

Turkey FDC
Name: 700th Anniversary of the Medical Centre of Amasya
Date of Issue: 13 March 2008

It is a unique building that remains from İlhanlı Period to nowadays. Is was built in the name of the Sultan Mehmet Olcaytu, Ruler of İlhanlı State and his wife Ilduz Hatun in 1308. Especially front side of the building is valuable by perspective of artistic values. On the shackle stone of gate there is an human relief that kneel down, it is a peculiar property only seen at Amasya Bimarhane building.

Comment: Because I haven't got the information brochure of this set. I don't know what these three groups of people are doing on this minisheet. Do you know that?

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