Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Indonesia Asian Exhibition FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: Taipei 2008 - 21st Asian International Stamp Exhibition
Date of Issue: 07 March 2008

1/2: The Southern Cassowary
The Southern Cassowary, Casuarius casuarius, also known as Double-wattled Cassowary or Two-wattled Cassowary, is a large flightless black bird with hard and stiff plumage, a brown casque, blue face and neck, red nape and two red wattles hanging down its throat. The three-toed feet are thick and powerful, equipped with a lethal dagger-like claw on the inner toe. The plumage is sexually monomorphic, but the female is dominant and larger with a longer casque and brighter-colored bare parts. The immature bird has plain brown plumage. More...

2/2: Poison bulb
Poison bulb, Crinum asiaticum L. Native to Taiwan. Herbs with large bulbs. Leaves fleshy, Linear. Scaposes (flowering axis) ascending; inflorescence an umbel, terminal, the subtending bracts linear-oblong. Flowers numerous, white; perianthtube slender; anthers linear; styles purplish. Capsules subglobose.

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