Thursday, March 27, 2008

Estonia Kristjan Palusalu FDC

Estonia FDCs
Name: Kristjan Palusalu 100
Date of Issue: 10 March 2008

Kristjan Palusalu was born on 10 March 1908 in Varemurru Village, Saulepi Parish, Pärnu County. At the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936 he won gold medals both in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. This achievement makes him the only heavyweight wrestler to have succeeded in becoming the winner in both the styles of wrestling at the same Olympic games.

He became the champion of the Old World in Greco-Roman wrestling in 1937. In the period 1931-38 he won the Estonian title seven times in Greco-Roman and five times in freestyle wrestling. He competed as member of the Estonian national team 18 times. Kristjan Palusalu died on 17 July 1987 in Tallinn.

Kristjan Palusalu international wrestling competitions are held in Tallinn since 1988.

Comment: Eesti Post used 2 special cancellations on issue day, in Tallinn and Tartu. One of my FDC was sent from Tallinn, the other one was sent from Tartu Museum Post Office. But I have a doubt, because Kristjan Palusalu was born in in Varemurru Village, Saulepi Parish, Pärnu County. Why did Eesti Post not use a special cancellation in his hometown?

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