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Malaysia Animals FDC

Malaysia FDC
Name: Nocturnal Animals
Date of Issue: 13 March 2008

Animals live in virtually every type of habitat available in the Malaysian rainforest and even exploit man-made habitats. One interesting feature in animal ecology and behaviour is that some animals travel and feed mainly by night (nocturnal) as opposed to animals that move about during the day (diurnal). Various birds, mammals and reptiles have evolved towards a nocturnal way of life for numerous reasons. Due to the reduced amount of light at night, strictly nocturnal animals generally have good night vision to allow them to seek out prey and to avoid predators.

Moonrat (Echinosorex gymnurus)
Generally solitary, this small mammal is strictly terrestrial and confined to the forest floor, often frequenting areas by the streams and is known to be active by day. It has a very strong body odour in the wind. Earthworms, beetles, spiders and snails are amongst the things it feeds on..

30sen: Malay badger (Mydaus javanensis)
The Malay badger is a terrestrial animal and is known for its very strong odour. It sleeps in underground burrows and feeds mainly by digging into the ground for food such as earthworms and insect larvae. Although found in mature forests, it is apparently more frequently seen in secondary forests and open ground such as gardens.

50sen: Golden cat (Catopuma temminckii)
Little is known on the ecology and life history of this medium sized cat. Its coat of golden colour is largely unmarked and adults can weigh as much as 12 kilogrammes. Although terrestrial, it can apparently climb trees, when necessary. Its prey includes mousedeer, bird, lizards and other small animals.

RM1: Flying fox (Pteropus vampyrus)
This is the largest bat in Malaysia and a full-grown adult can weigh more than a kilogramme. Large roosting colonies of this bat are often found in mangroves or nipah palm. This bat is known to fly long distances to feed on flowering or fruit trees and it is an important pollinator of many forest trees including durians.

Comment: My daughter likes the Owl on the illustration more than 4 animals on the stamps. lol

2008 Malaysia Nocturnal Animals FDC
2008 Malaysia Nocturnal Animals Minisheet FDC

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