Sunday, March 30, 2008

Malaysia Animals M/S FDC

Malaysia Minisheet FDC
Name: Nocturnal Animals
Date of Issue: 13 March 2008

Animals live in virtually every type of habitat available in the Malaysian rainforest and even exploit man-made habitats. One interesting feature in animal ecology and behaviour is that some animals travel and feed mainly by night (nocturnal) as opposed to animals that move about during the day (diurnal). Various birds, mammals and reptiles have evolved towards a nocturnal way of life for numerous reasons. Due to the reduced amount of light at night, strictly nocturnal animals generally have good night vision to allow them to seek out prey and to avoid predators.

Slow loris (Nycticebus coucang)
Largely arboreal, this primate, which can weigh almost a kilogramme, is often found alone, although couples with dependent young are sometimes seen. It feeds on small animals, mostly insects, and on pulpy fruits. It lives in mature and secondary forests as well as in gardens and plantations.

RM2: Tarsier (Tarsius bancanus)
This small primate of less than two kilogrammes, is active from ground level to at least seven metres and generally leaps from tree to tree. It feeds mainly on large insects and is often solitary. Tarsier is known to make high pitch calls frequently and can be found in both mature and secondary forests.

Comment: This is a very special miniature sheet, You could see eight eyes in a dark room. Yes, this is a miniature sheet that could glow in the dark.

2008 Malaysia Nocturnal Animals FDC
2008 Malaysia Nocturnal Animals Minisheet FDC

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