Thursday, May 29, 2008

Russia Ladynina EBCS

Russia EBCS (Envelopes Bearing Commemorative Stamp)
Name: The 100th Birth Anniversary of M.Ladynina (1908-2003), an actress
Date of Issue: 08 May 2008

Marina Ladynina (Russian: Марине Ладыниной)(June 24, 1908 - March 10, 1968) was a Soviet Russian famous actress. She appeared in many late 30s and 40s musical comedy films made by her director husband Ivan Pyriev. She was awarded the People's Artist of the Soviet Union.

Marina Ladynina came to Moscow from a far Siberian village, where she started her work as a teacher at 16 years. She entered the best cinema institute without any problems and already in 1928 got a small part in a mute movie. But her fortune appeared after the meeting and marriage with a famous film director Ivan Piryev. Ladynina mostly got roles of village girls. No doubts that "happy" kolkhoz life was just a beautiful soviet fairy-tale. Well, but people liked her merry songs, cheerful look and touching love stories in every movie.

Comment: She had a famous director husband, but finally divorced. She also had a director son who named Andrei Ladynin.

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