Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Israel Export Institute FDC

Israel FDC
Name: The Israel Export Institute - 50th Anniversary
Date of Issue: 28 April 2008

"The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute" marks the 50th anniversary of its founding against the backdrop of the outstanding achievements of Israeli exports in international markets.

Today's exports constitute a central component in Israel's economic strength and are a significant factor in the economy's growth momentum.

The government and the private sector jointly founded the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI) as a non-profit organization in 1958. The Institute's objective was to promote Israel's industrial and service exports and to develop commercial ties, collaborations and strategic alliances with foreign companies.

The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute promotes industrial exports and the export of services through international initiatives and unique programs. The Institute operates in many countries via official Israeli representatives, commercial and economic attaches, and local commercial development representatives. The Institute maintains close business ties with foreign diplomatic representatives and commercial attaches serving in Israel, as well as with international trade organizations throughout the world. The Institute provides comprehensive information in the field of international trade, advice and contacts and helps to promote exports from Israeli companies as well as complementary services to businesses overseas. The Institute initiates and organizes incoming and outgoing delegations and also organizes, establishes and manages national booths at international exhibitions around the world in which it presents Israel's capabilities in the areas of: life sciences, communications and software, security and safety, water technologies, ecology and agro-industry, industry and construction, commodities and more.

Since its inception, the Export Institute has striven to increase and expand Israeli exports, as it understands the importance of foreign trade to the Israeli economy which lacks raw materials and a regional market for its products. The prominent presence of Israeli merchandise, products, knowledge and services in global markets attests to the many years of effort made by thousands of exporters, large and small, as encouraged by the Export Institute to go out into the world and successfully break into international markets.

Promoting Israeli foreign trade is a national task and the Export Institute will continue to do so diligently, while strengthening Israel's status as a developed and modern economy and its position as an advanced market in the forefront of world technology.

Comment: This FDC overpaid again. What shall I say? Could I ask my money back? The irresponsible Israel Post clerk should be blame! :(

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