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Indonesia Lighthouses FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: Lighthouses
Date of Issue: 17 August 2007

Semarang Lighthouse (left):

Semarang Lighthouse is located at the Tanjung Emas Harbor of Semarang, capital city of Central Java Province. This lighthouse plays a significant role to guide marine traffic entering the harbor since it was built in 1879. Its international ID is K.1132, and listed as DSI.3200 in the Indonesian List of Lights. The 32 meters with 12 sided cast iron tower was built during the Dutch colonial era to facilitate the movement of V.O.C vessels.

From the top of the tower, absolutely we can see almost the entire part of the Tanjung Emas Harbor area surrounded by older Dutch colonial buildings. The 20 nautical mile luminance range of revolving light provides sufficient signal in group flashing to guide mariners bearing their vessel entering the port.

Cikoneng Lighthouse (right):
Cikoneng Lighthouse or so called Anyer Lighthouse is located seaward about 150 km west of Jakarta. Approaching the famous tourism Carita Beach in the Province of Banten, the lighthouse can be found at the right side of the road. Built by the Dutch during the colonial era in 1885, it was 77 years since Governor General Dandles entered Java for the first time. The 60 m white painted steel chub tower concludes 18 stories and a long ladder of 300 steps which can be entered upon permission of the guard.

A splendid panoramic view can be observed from the top story. The thick and strong iron shield enforces the tower to remain long. This lighthouse experienced several eras in the history of Indonesia including colonial war era and a major earthquake of the famous Mount of Krakatau. The lighthouse is still properly operated to serve safety for seamen who sailing through Sunda Strait. Its 20 nautical miles range of lantern provides sufficient signal to anybody who needs direction during sailing in the night.

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