Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ukraine Fishes FDC

Ukraine FDC
Name: Fishes (Ukraine - Moldova Joint Issue)
Issue date: 2007 September 6th

Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii): Left

Russian sturgeon is one of the most valuable species of the rivers of Russia, where it is known under the name Osétr (Осётр) or Ossetra; it is said to inhabit the Siberian rivers also, and to range eastwards as far as Lake Baikal. It was so abundant in the rivers of the Black and Caspian seas that more than one-fourth of the caviares and isinglass manufactured in Iran and Russia was derived from this species. However, due to poaching and overfishing it is now a threatened species.

Zingel (Zingel zingel): Right
Occurs in shallow water of the Danube, Prut, and Dnestr river systems. Mainly nocturnal. Feeds on benthic animals and fish eggs and larvae. Spawns March to April between gravel at places with strong current.

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