Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Estonia Lighthouse FDC

Estonia FDC
Name: Mehikoorma Lighthouse
Date of Issue: 24 January 2008

In autumn 1938 the biggest and tallest lighthouse of the Lake Peipsi area was put up in Mehikoorma. The cylindrical reinforced concrete lighthouse is three meters in diameter and stands 15 meters high; it has a lantern and gallery at the top. Its white light is lit in the dark hours from April to November and is visible to ten miles. The lighthouse ensures safe navigation in the area between Lakes Peipsi and Lämmijärv. Mehikoorma, a village of about 300 inhabitants, is situated in the Meeksi rural community in Tartu County. In addition to the lighthouse it has a basic school, a library, a hydrometrical station and border guard post. Mehikoorma is one of the oldest settlements on the Estonian shore of Lake Peipsi, first mentioned in 1242 in connection with the Ice Battle fought on the ice of Lake Peipsi between the Livonian Order and a Russian army. In 2008 the Mehikoorma light will be 70.

EESTI POST issues Lighthouse series stamp every year, I like the background map on it, very useful information.

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2008 Estonia Mehikoorma Lighthouse FDC
2007 Germany Lighthouses FDC
2007 Indonesia Lighthouses FDC

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