Friday, February 8, 2008

Finland Alpine Skiing FDC

Finland FDC
Name: Alpine Skiing - interesting novelty!
Issue date: 2008 January 24th
Printing method: MotionPrint imaging CMYK

This four stamps dedicated to Alpine skiing features sporting heroes Antti Autti and Matti Räty strutiting their stuff. Two other stamps depict Tanja Poutiainen and Tapio "Arska" Saarimäki speeding on the slopes.

The issue is printed is based on a lens technology which combines multilevel images. When you move the stamp around in your hand, and illusion of movement is created. MotionPrint imaging is the name used for this production process. Alpine Skiing is the world's fifth actual postage stamp made with true MotionPrint technology with all the security features of stamps.

The FDC of the Alpine Skiing issue bears the four stamps. The downhill skier on the cover is Joni Malm performing on the railings at the Finnair Stadium in Helsinki. This stunt is known by the name front side rock.

MotionPrint imaging brings movement to life

The Alpine Skiing issue has been produced with an imaging and printing method called MotionPrint imaging that creates the illusion of movement. The process was developed by a New Zealand company, Outler Aspect.

The principle of the technique is not new (it was unveiled in 1960), but at first it was limited to alternating between two or three images. Today it is possible to create something close to movie effects, However, imaging the movement demands a great deal of video editing – something entirely new to the stamp business.

The Alpine Skiing issue is an example of state-of-the-art motion imaging technology. It is the largest stamp sheet made with MotionPrint technology to date, and it also uses for the first time both animation and a 3D effect simultaneously.

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