Saturday, December 1, 2007

Estonia Christmas FDCs

Estonia FDCs
Name: Christmas
Date of Issue: 22 November 2007

It is late, but children cannot sleep. How do you sleep when there are thousands of golden stars shining in the pitch black sky, when the mirror surface of the frozen lake creates two worlds instead of one? How can you pull the blanket over your head, if your heart would like to sing and to play, if everything outside the window looks so mysterious and inviting? Children cannot sleep. They hurry outside into snowy fields, shouting and laughing. Their hands in their mittens are not afraid of the cold that has frozen the nature all around. On the contrary, they feel particularly warm and safe. It is Christmas night. If they are lucky, they can spy a tiny angel peeping from behind a frosty spruce tree.

2009 Christmas FDCs:
Estonia, Israel, Lithuania.

2008 Christmas FDCs:
Canada: The Nativity, Canada: Winter Fun, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania.

2007 Christmas FDCs:
Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Vatican.

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