Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Belarus Paintings FDCs

Stamps FDC
Minisheet FDC
Belarus FDCs
Name: Paintings from National Arts Museum of the Republic of Belarus
Issue date: 2007 November 28th

Designs: (from left to right)
1. Kshishtov Veselovskiy (1636), an unknown painter.
2. Grizeli Sapega(1632), an unknown painter.
3. Alexandra Marianna Veselovskaya (1640), an unknown painter.

The National Arts Museum is the biggest museum in the Republic of Belarus. The basis of the collection was created in the first decades of the 20th century. During World War II the museum was plundered by the Nazi. The fate of the collection remains one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century. During the post-war period, due to the enthusiasm and dedicated work of the museum's workers, it was reconstructed. In 1957, the Art Gallery was renamed and moved to the new building. In 1999, the museum received its national status.

Nowadays there are more than 25,600 exhibits. And the biggest collections of the museum are:
Collection of Modern Belarusian art (painting, sculpture, drawing, works of applied art)
National Belarusian Art (17-20th century)
Ancient Belarusian Art (paintings, icons, ceramics, porcelain, arts and crafts of Belarus)
Manuscripts and old printed books (16-19th century)
West European Art (16-20th century)
Russian Art (18-20th century)

These are excellent FDCs which were sent from Minsk GPO(MINSK - POCHTAMT on the postmark), and the National Arts Museum of the Republic of Belarus is only 2 blocks far from Minsk GPO. So these are exactly relevant post office FDCs. Map Link

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