Sunday, December 9, 2007

Turkey Cartoon Heroes FDC

Turkey FDC
Name: Turkish Cartoon Heroes (Keloğlan)
Issue date: 2007 November 29th

Keloğlan (The Bald Boy) is a famous folktale character. The tales portray him as a poor, uneducated but witty boy. He is a unique case and he always remains so, regardless of his age, or of the medical reason for his becoming bald at a tender age. He is usually the youngest member of his family, and one may even refer to him as the 'runt'. He is practically never taken seriously at first, because of his physical appearance and the invariably shabby clothes he is sporting. At times, the older and 'wiser' members of his own family may attempt to take advantage of him. Almost everyone that comes into contact with Keloğlan think they can swindle him. Only after the first such injustice perpetrated against Keloğlan that Keloğlan goes into action. In the end of all tribulations, Keloğlan invariably wins the 'contest' to his own satisfaction.

The Keloğlan stories have appeared in popular literature since the beginning of the 18th century. He is often represented as a kind of mirror, reflecting society's ideals and wishes. Keloglan represents the idealized figure of a new sociological development and a changing society, expressed by the way of folktales.

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