Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Taiwan Scouting FDC

Taiwan FDC
Name: Centenary of World Scouting
Date of Issue: 28 November 2007
Number: Com. 309

The Scout Movement started in 1907, so 2007 marks the 100th anniversary of world scouting. To celebrate a new century of scouting, Taiwan Post is specially issuing a "Centenary of World Scouting Commemorative Issue" stamp with a denomination of NT$12.00. The design of this stamp conforms to the spirit of the centenary of scouting, which has a focus on the concepts of promise and world peace. The stamp features a dove, which is a symbol of passion, freedom and peace. Scout rope is used to write out "100" and to encircle the emblems of the World Organization of the Scout Movement and the Scouts of R.O.C., symbolizing that Taiwan is marching forward in step with the world. The blue and green colors of the stamp convey the environmental spirit of the scouts, showing how scouts coexist with nature and conveying a new image of scouting for the new century. To add to the fun and the stamp's value as a collector's item, it will be printed in the shape of a rhombus.

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