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Argentina Scout FDC

Argentina FDC
Name: Centenary of the Scout Movement
Date of Issue: 28 July 2007

Baden-Powell's Vision
Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941), founder of Scouting, used to say that he had not founded this movement, but rather that it had spontaneously sprang to life.

In 1899, when serving as army officer in India, Baden-Powell had written a handbook, Aids to Scouting, meant as an aid to training soldiers. En 1907, Sir William Smith, the founder of the Boys' Brigades, asked Baden-Powell decided to put his ideas to test at a camp, among 21 youths with different backgrounds. Thus, on 1st July 1907, the first Scout camp was run on Brownsea Island. Based on the excellent results obtained, Baden-Powell wrote Scouting for Boys, and he soon began to receive letters sent by young readers who had decided to group spontaneously under the principles set forth in the handbook. Two years later, the Scout movement included almost 11,000 boys and girls.

One World, One Promise
The Movement celebrates its 100th anniversary with a series of events-the New Centenary Camp, on Brownsea Island; the 21st World Scout Jamboree, that will gather 40,000 boys and girls at Hylands Park, England; the Scouting's Sunrise, on 1st Auguest, ushering in Scouting's second century; Gifts for Peace, given by Scout Organizations around the world to their communities; and the International Congress on the Contribution of Scouting to 100 Years of Education, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland.
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