Monday, August 27, 2007

Hong Kong Civic Education FDC

Hong Kong FDC
Name: Civic Education
Issue date: 2007 August 23rd

Civic education aims at fostering good citizenship and promoting civic awareness and responsibilities, national education and understanding of, and respect for, human rights and the rule of law. Furthermore, it enables the people of Hong Kong to understand the elements of Hong Kong's success as an international city; to gain liberal knowledge for building up the concepts of freedom, rule of law and justice; and to have a grasp of the future of Hong Kong including the changes and challenges to come.

This set of special stamps on "Civic Education" is the first hexagon stamps issued by Hongkong Post. Featuring the winning entry from the Primary School Division of the "Civic Education Stamp Design Competition" co-organised by the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education and the Home Affairs Bureau in 2005, this colourful issue helps to enhance understanding of the concept and knowledge of civic education as well as boost the civic awareness of the public.
This set of four stamps carries the four themes of civic education:

$1.40 - Human RightsThe four elements inherent in the notion of Human Rights are the right to life, equality, freedom and respect. These notions cover not only rights but also obligations.

$2.40 - Rule of LawIn essence, the Rule of Law means that everything must be done in accordance with the law. Its observance makes a government one of laws and not of men.

$3 - Social ParticipationThe objective of Social Participation is to encourage public participation in community building and to promote the spirit of mutual trust and respect.

$5 - Corporate CitizenshipCorporate Citizenship calls for commitment by business corporations in assuming their social responsibilities toward building a sustainable and harmonious civic society.

The stamps in the shape of a hexagon symbolise the interconnections among the four themes of civic education.

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