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Russia Submarine Heroes FDC

Russia FDC
Name: Submarine Heroes
Issue date: 2007 July 25th

Nikolai Lunin(Left one) (1907-1970)
Sorry, I can't find more information of him in English, only found he was the commander of USSR submarine K-21 during the WWII and some information quote from

"There is a claim made by Russian sources that the Tirpitz was attacked and damaged by a Russian submarine during the short sortie. The fleet was attacked by Russian submarine K-21, commanded by Hero of the Soviet Union N. A. Lunin, at 71°22′2″N 24°34′3″E / 71.36722, 24.5675 (45 miles from North Cape, Norway). Lunin fired four torpedoes at the Tirpitz and heard two detonations. There is a degree of controversy on this case: since the 1960s most German and British historians deny any torpedo hit, but in Russia this case is studied in naval schools as an example of canonical submarine attack."

Magomed Gadzhiev(Right one) (1907-1942)
Sorry, I can't find more information of him in English.

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Jean said...

Excuse my english; I have comment on Magomed Imadutdinovich Gadzhiev
Magomed Imadutdinovich Gadzhiev - commander of the 1st battalion of the brigade of the submarines of northern fleet, captain second rank; the first of the Daghestanians, honored the highest reward to t he USSR - the Order of Lenin and highest title - “Hero of the Soviet Union”. It was born on December 20, 1907 in the mudflow Gunibskogo] region of Daghestan in the peasant family. Avar. Term the AUCP(B) since 1930. In the Naval fleet since 1925. In 1931 graduated from the Naval school of the name [M].[V]. of Frunze. He served as miner and assistant to commander on the submarines of Black Sea fleet, since 1933 - in the Pacific Ocean fleet, where he commanded submarines of the type “M” (until April 1936) and “SHCH” - “SHCH -117”.
On December 23, 1935 for the successes in the combat training the lieutenant commander Gadzhiev in the number 80- and the seamen was honored of the Order of Lenin, after becoming the first native of Daghestan, honored the highest reward to the USSR. In 1937-1939 Gadzhiev it learned in the Naval academy in Voroshilov, but the begun Soviet-Finnish war interrupted his instruction. It was directed toward the northern fleet, where to the autumn of 1940 he served as the division head of underwater floating, and then - by the commander of the 1st submarine division, which initially included submarines “D -3” (“Red Guard”, commander Konstantinov, “K -1” (commander of hamsters and “K -2” commander - Utkin
Participant in the World War II since June 1941. the 1st battalion of the brigade of the submarines of northern fleet under the command of the captain second rank Gadzhiev accomplished 12 daring and complex operations. On the personal combat calculation Gadzhiev the by June 1942 10 heated transports and ships of enemy. On July 13, 1942 “of K -23” (commander - captain third rank Potapov), on which as that ensuring was located the captain second rank Ggadzhievafter successful march through piloting of union escort on the way into the base, it underwent the attack of enemy aircraft and perished.
By the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated October 23, 1942 for courage and heroism, appeared in combat with the Fascist-German aggressors, Mohammed Imadutdinovich Gadzhiev is awarded the Title of Hero of the Soviet Union

I have comment so, for Nikolaï Alexandrovich Lunin

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