Tuesday, August 28, 2007

China Pre-stamped Envelope JF88

China Pre-stamped Envelope
Name: The Opening of China National Post and Postage Stamp Museum
Number: JF88
Issue date: 2007 Auguest 22nd

There is a long history of China Post. As a key national communication organization, post plays an important role in promotion of the prosperity of economy as well as the progress of the society.

China National Post and Postage Stamp Museum, affiliated to China Post Group, is a nation-scale dedicated museum the exhibits the history of Chinese post and postage stamps. The exhibitis include the bamboo slip of Qin and Han Dynasties, letter home of Wei and Jin Dynasties, yufu of Tang Dynasty, express of Song and Yuan Dynasties, post office of Ming Dynasty, dragon stamp of Qing Dynasty, precious stamps of "the Red Post", famous paintings of the Chinese masters and integrated files, etc. The exhibition hall of 5000 square meters will show you the history and the classical scenes with the help of several ten thousands of culture relics and nearly 100 million stamps presented here.

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