Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Canada Christmas FDC

Canada FDC
Name: Christmas: The Nativity
Date of Issue: 03 November 2008

This scene of Mary placing Jesus in the manger is one of many artistic depictions of a seminal moment in Christianity. The birth of Jesus has been told and retold in books, oral stories, murals, paintings, stain glass windows and frescos all over the world. The repetition of the nativity story is an example of a culture-spanning tradition of artistically rendering religious symbols and images in different art forms and periods.

This stamp features Antonio Caruso's traditional sculpture of Mary looking over Jesus in his makeshift crib. The stamp, a work of art in its own right, focuses on the baby who, in this artistic rendition forgoes the swaddling clothes.

Comment: I know my friend sent this FDC on issue day (3rd Nov.), but the machine postmark canceled this FDC on 4th Nov.

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