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Indonesia Turkey FDCs

Indonesia FDCs
Name: Indonesia - Turkey (Indonesia - Turkey Joint Issue)
Date of Issue: 24 October 2008

On the occasion of Indonesia-Turkey Joint Stamps Issue, the stamp designs feature cultural heritages, landmark, dance as well as flora and fauna of both countries. Indonesia depicts Istiqlal Mosque, Barelang Bridge, Saman Dance, Mucuna bennetti (Flame of Irian) and Prionailurus planiceps. Turkey depicts Blue Mosque, Bosphorus Bridge, Whirling Desvishes Dance, Turkish Tulip, and Turkish Van Cat.

1/10 Rp.2500:
Blue Mosque
The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also known and referred to as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles decorating the walls of its interior. It is a national mosque of Turkey as well as historical mosque in Istanbul built between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Sultan Ahmed I. The mosque architecture design is the culmination of two centuries of both Ottoman mosque and Byzantine church development. The Blue Mosque has become one of the greatest tourist points of attraction in Istanbul.

2/10 Rp.2500: Istiqlal Mosque
Istiqlal Mosque is located Jakarta and possibly the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Istiqlal derives from Arabic word meaning independence. As a national mosque of Indonesia, it was build to commemorate Indonesian independence as nation’s gratitude for God’s blessings. The main prayer hall of this building is covered by a 45 meter diameter central spherical dome. President Soekarno started its construction building on August 23, 1961. President Soeharto inaugurated this national mosque on February 17, 1978.

3/10 Rp.2500: Bosphorus Bridge
The Bosphorus Bridge, also called the First Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges spanning the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, Turkey. The bridge is gravity anchored suspension bridge with steel pylons and inclined hangers. It is located between the European pylons and inclined hangers. It is located between the European side of Ortakoy and Asian side of Beylerbeyi. At present, this bridge is the 15th longest suspension bridge span in the word. The decision to build it was taken in 1957 by Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. The construction was completed on October 30, 1973 and opened by President Fahri Koruturk and Prime Minister Naim Talu.

4/10 Rp.2500: Barelang Bridge
The Barelang Bridge is a chain of various types of 6 bridges that connect the islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang, Locals also call it as Habibie Bridge refers to then President BJ Habibie, who run the construction project, aiming to develop Rempang and Galang into industrial sites. It takes about 50 minutes to travel this nearly 50km length route from the first bridge to the last one. Nowadays, the bridge becomes a landmark of Batam and is a popular tourism site.

5/10 Rp.2500: Whiriling Dervishes Dance
Originated from Konya, the dance is known as the Whiriling Dervishes due to practice of whirling as a form of dhikr means remembrance of Allah. Dervish is a common term for the Sufi path initiation. This dance is inspired by Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi songs and teachings. The dancers wear conical hat as well as white shirt and typical skirt that flowing around as the dancers spin. They usually spin from right to left follow the sounds of a read instrument.

6/10 Rp.2500: Saman Dance
Saman is one of the most popular dances from Aceh originated from the Alas ethnic group and usually performed to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad and other important occasions. Eight to twenty performers kneel in a row on the floor and make torso movements accompanied by songs, slapping chests and clapping hands. The songs are praises to Allah. Started with slow movements, the dance is gradually increasing its tempo until abruptly stop at the end.

7/10 Rp.2500: Turkish Tulip
Sometimes dubbed as Fire Flame Tulip, Turkish Tulip or Tulipa acuminata had been known since the 17th century of the Ottoman Empire. Its flower is unique with needle pointed petal in red and yellow blooming in May. Leaves spreading normally on the ground, mostly strongly undulated. With almost 12 to 18 inches of height, this plant needs moist soil and more sun exposure.

8/10 Rp.2500: Flame of Irian
Commonly known as Flame of Irian, Mucuna bennettii is beautiful winding vine with the large bright red flowers. Long cascading clusters of its brilliant red flowers chained together in 30 to 45 cm length. Originated from forested area of Papua, it flourishes well in tropical to semi tropical regions. For enthusiasts, it can be used to climb a large tree or pergola.

9/10 Rp.2500: Turkish Van Cat
The Turkish Van is a breed of cat native to the Lake Van region in Eastern Turkey. Formerly called as Turkish Cat, the name was changed in 1979 to Turkish Van to better differ the breed from the Turkish Angora cat which had its origins around Ankara, in central Turkey. Traditionally, Turkish Vans are recognized as patterned cats with color restricted to the head and tail and white body. This cat is very intelligent. They like to play and jump and explore anything in their reach.

10/10 Rp.2500: Flat-Headed Cat (Prionailurus paniceps)
Also known as flat-headed cat, this small wild cat can be found in forested area of Kalimantan and Sumatera. It has nearly 41-50 cm length of body covered by generally dark brown tinged grey thick fur. The head shape is slightly flat as implied by its common name. It mostly hunts for frogs, fish, crustaceans, as well as rats and chickens. Flat-headed cat is considered as endangered species by IUCN due to habitat loss and pollution.

Comment: This is the 2nd time that Indonesia Post issues the joint stamp like this in 2008. Indonesia and Japan is the first time. Do you like this way?

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