Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Estonia Võru FDC

Estonia FDC
Name: Võru County (Definitive Issue)
Date of Issue: 30 October 2008

With nearly 39,000 inhabitants and a territory of 2,305 square kilometres Võru County (Estonian: Võrumaa) lies in Estonia's far southeastern corner and it has a common border with Latvia and Russia. Stone age settlement sites at Kääpa, on the Võhandu River and at Roosisaare are regarded as the oldest, going back 5,000 years. Today the county has 12 rural communities and the County seat of Võru, which was granted the status of a town in 1784. The communities fall into two historial regions – the Võru and the Seto cultural areas where the local dialects and traditions are still honoured today. Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald lived for 44 years as a doctor in Võru and it was there that he produced all his literary work, including the Estonian national epic, Kalevipoeg. The county is famed for its picturesque scenery – it has the highest point in the Baltic countries, Suur Munamägi, and numerous rounded hills covered with forests. Of the valleys lying between the hills Ööbikuorg (Nightingale Valley) is known the best; it also has the deepest lake in Estonia, Rõuge Suurjärv. They say that Võru County is a part of Estonia where you can be alone with nature – travelling there you may end up in places where it seems as if no one has been there before. With his warm heart a Võrokõnõ takes care of the world and its creatures.

Estonia Counties' Coat of Arms - Definitive Series FDCs:
Viljandi County, Võru County.

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