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Estonia Viljandi County FDCs

Estonia FDCs
Name: Viljandi County (Definitive Issue)
Date of Issue: 27 March 2008

Viljandi County (Estonian: Viljandimaa) lies in the Sakala Upland with deep primeval valleys cutting into it. Estonia's largest inland water body, Lake Võrtsjärv, spreads in the eastern part of the county, while the western part is taken up by big wetlands of the Soomaa National Park traversed by several tributaries of the River Pärnu and boasting a fifth season – high water. The county has 55,000 inhabitants and is divided into 15 local government units. The county town of Viljandi is known as the seat of a theatre and the venue of various cultural events, not least the summer Folk Music Festival when the town sees the number of its residents double. Northern Viljandimaa is proud to be the birthplace of the Kapp family of composers and of the 13th century Sakala elder, Lembitu, who put up a fierce resistance to invaders. The eagle holding a bared sword in its claws in the coat-of-arms of the county symbolizes the freedom eventually won, while the ears of corn in the small shield represent fertility – southern Viljandimaa, the Mulk Country, in particular has always been known for its industry and prosperity.

Comment: Why do I show 2 FDCs for this issue? Because one of FDC was sent from Tallinn (Capital of Estonia) and one of FDC was sent from Viljandi (County Town of Viljandi). Eesti Post used 2 differnt special cancellations in these 2 cities. I got all of them. Bravo!!

Estonia Counties' Coat of Arms - Definitive Series FDCs:
Viljandi County, Võru County.

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