Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lithuania Museum FDC

Lithuania FDC
Name: From the Stocks of Museums, Rokiškis Regional Museum
Date of Issue: 19 April 2008

In 1933 a couple people gathered and formed an association of Folklore. They established a museum in two rooms of Rokiškis region library. Already in 1939 the funds of the museum contained 1046 valuable articles. Some years passed and the museum was moved to Rokiškis palace, but later on it was transformed to another place. Only in 1952 the museum was returned to the palace where it exists up to this day.

In the newly renovated Rokiškis palace the museum exhibits history of Rokiškis region, the culture of the palaces found in the region. One of the extensive exhibitions – the carvings of Lionginas Šepka, a craftsman of carved gods.

To continue old traditions of cultural activity in Rokiškis palace, numerous concerts of classical music, evenings, meetings, exhibitions, plain-air sessions, traditional wood carving competitions take place in this palace and its surroundings.

In 2001 Government of Lithuanian Republic announced the area of Rokiškis palace to belong to the sites of cultural heritage. In the program, called 1000 years of Lithuania, the museum of Rokiškis region is named as the cultural center for the whole Aukštaitija region.

Comment: Lithuania Post issues some beautiful series stamps every year, this is the first set in 2008. I like this FDC, Lithuania Post didn't rip off the beautiful coupons from the sheetlet.

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