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Indonesia Olympic Games FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Date of Issue: 18 March 2008

1/4 Rp2500:
2/4 Rp2500: Football
3/4 Rp2500: Badminton
4/4 Rp2500: Weightlifting

Summer Olympic Games 2008, officially known as Games of the XXIX Olympiad (29th Olympic Games) will be held in Beijing, People's Republic of China from 8 to 24 August 2008. The opening ceremony will be held at 08.08.08 (8 o'clock, 8 minutes, 8 seconds in the evening) at Beijing National Stadium. In the Chinese culture the number 8 is associated with prosperity.

Beijing was selected as the Olympic Games host city on 13 July 2001, after surpassing Toronto, Paris, Istanbul and Osaka during the 112th IOC meeting in Moscow. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem "Chinese Seal", Dancing Beijing is filled with Beijing's hospitality and hopes, and carries the city is commitment to the world. Inspired by the traditional Chinese calligraphic art, the character "Jing" (the latter of the city's name) is developed into a form of a dancing human Beijing, reflecting the ideal of a "new Olympics".

Beijing Olympic 2008 mascots are five Fuwa (friendlies), which represent the colors of the Olympic ring. They are Beibei (blue), Jingjing (black), Huanhuan (red), Yingying (orange) and Nini (green). They are portrayed as Fish (beibei), Panda (jingjing), Fire (huanhuan), Tibetan Antelopes (yingying) and Swallow (nini). In the Chinese traditional culture, fish and water are symbols of prosperity and harvest, therefore Beibei is believed to be the blessing of prosperity. Panda brings the blessing of happiness wherever he goes. It is shown in his dancing pose and the lovely wave of his black and white fur. As a national treasure and protected species, Pandas are adored by people from around the world. Huanhuan is a child of fire, symbolizing the Olympic Flame and the passion of sports. Huanhuan stands in the center of Fuwa as the core embodiment of the Olympic spirit. The antelope carries the blessing of health and the strength of body that comes from harmony with nature. Nini's golden wings symbolize the infinite sky and spread good-luck as blessing wherever she flies. When those five names are put together, they will create a Chinese phrase "Beijing huan ying ni" (Beijing welcomes you). The Olympic Games slogan is "One World, One Dream".

More than 10,500 athletes from many countries will compete in 302 events of 35 sports. Indonesia will take part 15 in sports.

The stamps issued for this event depict four sports, namely sailing, football, badminton and weightlifting, they are designed using Chinese painting style. The main character of the design is Barongsai, which symbolizes the spirit of sportsmanship, the beauty of physical power, the harmony of body movement and the teamwork at the same time. These qualities become relevant to sport world in general, particularly in representing the spirit of Olympic Games.

Estonia 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Gold Medalist Autographed FDC
Estonia 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Silver Medalists Autographed Postal Stationery

2008 Beijing Olympic Games FDCs:
Algeria, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Estonia Sheetlet, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Hong Kong M/S, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Portugal M/S, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine.

2008 Beijing Paralympic Games FDCs:
Czech Republic, Slovakia.

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