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Poland Aviation FDC

Poland FDC
Name: Traditional and Contemporary Polish Aviation
Date of Issue: 31 March 2008

3 ZŁ:
TS-11 Iskra (Spark)
The PZL TS-11 Iskra (Polish for Spark) is a Polish jet trainer aircraft, used by the air forces of Poland and India. It is notable as the main trainer plane of the Polish Army, the oldest jet plane still in service in Poland - and one of the most reliable. More...

3,55 ZŁ: F-16 Jastrząb (Hawk)
The Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon is an American multirole jet fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force. Designed as a lightweight fighter, it evolved into a successful multirole aircraft. The Falcon's versatility is a paramount reason it was a success on the export market, serving 24 countries. The F-16 is the largest Western fighter program with over 4,000 aircraft built since production started in 1976. Though no longer produced for the US Air Force, it is still produced for export. In 1993, General Dynamics sold its aircraft manufacturing business to the Lockheed Corporation, which in turn became part of Lockheed Martin after a 1995 merger with Martin Marietta.

The Fighting Falcon is a dogfighter with innovations including a frameless, bubble canopy for better visibility, side-mounted control stick to ease control while under high g-forces, and reclined seat to reduce the effect of g-forces on the pilot. It was also the first fighter aircraft to be deliberately built to sustain 9-g turns. It has a thrust-to-weight ratio greater than one, providing enough power to climb and accelerate vertically - if necessary. Although the F-16's official name is "Fighting Falcon", it is known to its pilots as the "Viper", after the Battlestar Galactica starfighter.

On 9 November, 2006, it was unveiled that the Polish F-16s will be named Jastrząb (Hawk). Limited operational readiness will be achieved in 2008 and last F16 should be delivered by 2008. More...

Comment: I remember the registered postage from Poland to China is 8.80 ZŁ, but it has only 7.90 ZŁ on this FDC, I'm dizzy.

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Miloje Chastven said...

It is nice to see that Poland will start to spend money for this aircraft - aircraft that have bad performance in Balkan conflict (Serbia occupation and bombing) - but I have an other problem than that.

Actually, I need one issue of catalogue from Polan that cover Pope J. P. II route, traveling - it is issued in 3 book if I don't made mistake - do you know about which one catalogue I'm talking and if You have ability to find it?

best regareds
Chastven Miloje

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