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Sri Lanka Olympic Games FDC

Sri Lanka FDC
Name: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Date of Issue: 23 July 2008

The 29th Olympic Games is to be held from 8th to 24th August at the Beijing, China. There will be 302 events for 28 games. It is expected to be participated approximately 10,500 sports people for these events from 203 countries.

"One World One Dream" is the theme of the Olympic Games this year. "Dancing Beijing Mark" is its official logo. Chinese believe that this logo represents them and their heritage.

Sri Lanka participated in the Olympic Games for the first time in 1948. It was held at London. Mr. Dankon White was the Silver Medalist fro 400m. hurdles there. Ms. Susanthika Jayasinghe was the Olympic Bronze Medalist fro 200m. Women's final at Sydney in 2000.

Ms. Susanthika Jayasinghe (200m. Women's short distance race), Ms. Nadeeka Lakmali (Javelin), Mr. Anuraddha Ratnayake (Boxing), Ms. Mayumi Raheem, Mr. Condred Lee (Swimming), Mr. E. M. Senanayaka (Shooting), Ms. thilini Jayasinghe (Badminton) and Mr. Chinthana Widanage (Weightlifting) will be participated in Olympic Games this time.

Shooting (Pistol)
15.00: Javelin (Women)
40.00: Boxing
45.00: Running (Women)

Comment: My Sri Lanka friend told me that this set was issued after a ceremony in the evening on issue day. In this case, nobody could send this FDC on issue day, so you will see the local postmark on the back side is 24.07.2008.

Estonia 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Gold Medalist Autographed FDC
Estonia 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Silver Medalists Autographed Postal Stationery

2008 Beijing Olympic Games FDCs:
Algeria, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Estonia Sheetlet, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Hong Kong M/S, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Portugal M/S, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine.

2008 Beijing Paralympic Games FDCs:
Czech Republic, Slovakia.

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