Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Canada Lifesaving FDC

Canada FDC
Name: Lifesaving Society: 1908-2008
Issue date: 25 July 2008

In 19th century Europe, little attention was paid to protecting swimmers. This made the sport dangerous, and drowning was alarmingly common. This changed in 1891, when popular British swimming champion William Henry created the Swimmers' Life Saving Society. His idea quickly crossed the ocean to Canada where English immigrant Arthur Lewis Cochrane taught lifesaving skills to students at Toronto's Upper Canada College. In 1908, the first branch of the Royal Life Saving Society of Canada held its inaugural meeting in Toronto.

More than 500,000 Canadians are certified in swimming, lifesaving, lifeguarding and leadership courses each year. The Lifesaving Society is a member of the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth and represents Canada in the International Life Saving Federation.

Comment: I was stunned when I received this FDC, somebody had opened it during the way. Suddenly, I remembered my friend's notice: Canada Custom often opens the letter from China or to China. I don't know their purpose, but it's really bad. :(

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